The Universitas Libertatis was born with the aim of building a political class of excellence, culturally capable to deal with democratic debate and conducting political reasoning with awareness and unraveling arguments on the basis of a robust scientific preparation.

The pride of representing the institutions, the care of the common good, the protection of human dignity and the protection of vulnerable subjects represent the values that must distinguish the politician of the future, able to apply liberal, pro-European and guarantor principles, in a social model focused on harmonious economic efficiency capable of guaranteeing a high level of well-being for all. Freedom and well-being, the affirmation of which necessarily transits into the enhancement of businesses and economic and work growth, essential elements for truly guaranteeing freedoms, the common good and offering citizens a concrete opportunity to achieve personal and professional goals with effort. To achieve these goals, Universitas Libertatis has created the Higher Political Training Course for the in-depth study of the main issues in the political-administrative, economic-financial and technological-environmental sectors, and detailed insights into political communication and public speaking. 

Among the main areas of the Course there is Italian Institutional Political Structure and the constitutional mechanisms that govern its functioning, but also the history and Europe’s growth, whose policies must increasingly turn towards the affirmation of a real European identity. Furthermore, particular attention should be paid to the increasingly critical scenario of the criteria for access to credit for small and medium-sized enterprises, and public procurement in the relaunching phase of the post-pandemic economy. And moreover, the numerous topical aspects concerning the tax system, the fiscal and economic, national and international one. We need to create a political class that has in-depth knowledge and a multidisciplinary preparation, and we will do so through our Higher Political Training Course in which academics, entrepreneurs, judges and professionals will provide to our future politicians the tools to fully understand the problems of our Country.


The Faculty of our Higher Political Training Course is composed by academics, professionals, entrepreneurs, company managers and judges, with the aim of collecting the best intellectual energies and thus directing future politicians to a scientific comparison in all thematic areas of study. Our best teachers will provide to our future politicians the tools to fully understand the problems of our country and seek the most guaranteed solutions to Italian citizens.

Within the Universitas Libertatis was born the first Higher Political Training Course with a Liberal, Christian, Guarantor and pro-European Orientation, open to all citizens who embrace these values.

The Higher Political Training Course aims to create aware citizens and prepared politicians, through the deepening of the main issues in the political-administrative, 

economic-financial and technological-environmental sectors, to which are added some in-depth modules on political communication and on the approach to gestures in language in public. In Fact, a good politician must not only know, he must also know how to communicate, and communication is an art that the politician must refine to transfer his own political message with clarity and simplicity. We want to create a political class that has all the tools to fully understand the problems of our country and seek the most guaranteed solutions for Italian citizens. 






If you are interested, send an email to informazioni@universitaslibertatis.it or contact us at the toll-free number 800.95.93.16 or at 3457467232, available from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 9pm.