• LECTIO MAGISTRALIS: Dr. Mario Baccini, President of the National Body for Microcredit – “Microcredit and Social Economy”;
  • LECTIO MAGISTRALIS: Sen. Giuseppe Moles, undersecretary of the State to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – “The Digital Transformation”;
  • LECTIO MAGISTRALIS: Prof. Claudio Franchini – Full Professor of Administrative Law Tor Vergata – “Public Intervention in Contrast to Poverty”;
  • LECTIO MAGISTRALIS: Dr. Andrea Pèruzy – Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the GSE Group Energy Markets Manager – “Energy and Problem of Prices”;
  • LECTIO MAGISTRALIS: Dr. Rosario Cerra – Founder of the Digital Economy Center – “The Digital Economy”;
  • LECTIO MAGISTRALIS: Dr. Giuseppe Longo – Deputy General Manager of the Pension Fund of the BCC-Italia Group – “Institutional Investors and Real Economy: The Experience of the National Pension Fund of the BCCs”;
  • LECTIO MAGISTRALIS: Prof. Antonio Cocozza – Full Professor Sociology of Economic and Labor Processes Roma Tre – “Unexpected Action: Ethics, Rationality and Skills”;
  • LECTIO MAGISTRALIS: Prof. Cecilia Costa – Associate Prof. Sociology of Cultural Processes Roma Tre – “Ethics of Responsibility, Ethics of Belief and Ethics of Knowledge”;
  • LECTIO MAGISTRALIS: Prof. Cosimo Magazzino – Associate Prof. of Economic Policy Roma Tre – “Sustainability, Innovation and Circular Economy”;
  • LECTIO MAGISTRALIS: Prof. Alessandro Miani – President of the Italian Society of Environmental Medicine (SIMA) – “Environment, Health, Climate: Geopolitical, Economic and Public Health Protection Scenarios”;
  • LECTIO MAGISTRALIS: Dr. Prisco Piscitelli – MD, Epidemiologist, Euro Mediterraneo Biomedical Scientific Institute (ISBEM) – Mesagne (BR) and Brussels, Vice President of the Italian Society of Environmental Medicine (SIMA) – “Health Reading of Environmental Data”;
  • LECTIO MAGISTRALIS: Eng. Francesco Cannone – CEO Emtesys Srl, CEO SDP Italia Srl, President Confimi Salute Puglia – “Digital Health: Challenges and Opportunities for Local Medicine, Community Homes and Service Pharmacies”.

For those who will not be able to reach the headquarter, the Lectio Magistralis will in any case be delivered online.

Within the Universitas Libertatis was born the first Higher Political Training Course with a Liberal, Christian, Guarantor and pro-European Orientation, open to all citizens who embrace these values.

The Higher Political Training Course aims to create aware citizens and prepared politicians, through the deepening of the main issues in the political-administrative, economic-financial and technological-environmental sectors, to which are added some in-depth modules on political communication and on the approach to gestures in language in public. There is also a seminar module dedicated to “Ministry of Economic Warfare” of Italian Constitution, already established in France as SISSE (Service d’Information stratégique et de la sécurité économiques) and created to defend sensitive data, national know-how and strengthen the national incisiveness of the powers to control foreign investments with the support of countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom, fighting the omnipresence of the Sino-American economy. In conclusion, the necessary in-depth analysis to be able to propose the establishment of Economic Intelligence in Italy to defend and promote the country’s economic interests. 

The Course includes a cycle of online lessons, accessible through the platform, and a cycle of Lectio Magistralis that will be held in the prestigious Villa Gernetto.






If you are interested, send an email to informazioni@universitaslibertatis.it or contact us at the toll-free number 800.95.93.16 or at 3457467232, available from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 9pm.